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Complex solutions in geodetic surveys.


Technical equipment and a team of qualified specialists allow us to carry out complexes of engineering and geodetic works in a short time.

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The services of our company are licensed. Also, a 3-level system of checking and analyzing data allows to achieve high quality work.

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An individual approach to each client, partner, customer allows to optimize pricing.

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This is a drawing that includes the initial geological and geodetic information about the construction site and the utilities available on it, with geographic coordinates referenced.

Topographic survey

The complex of works performed in order to obtain the original survey of topographic maps or plans of the area, as well as to obtain topographic information in a different form

Geodetic works and construction support

This is an important part of construction work. Geodetic work involves measuring, computing and design work in drawings and in nature. As a result, it is possible to accurately and expediently place objects in accordance with the parameters of a particular project, as well as in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

Measurement works

A set of works focused on determining the actual (real at a given time) geometric dimensions of buildings, structures, interiors and building structures using special measuring instruments.

We carry out a full range of engineering and geodetic works:

— geosubbase

— creation of geodetic networks

— topographic survey on a scale of 1: 200 — 1: 10000, including survey of underground and surface structures

— transfer to nature and horizontal-height binding of project elements on the ground

— creating track profiles

— executive survey of underground utilities

— geodetic works and construction support, executive survey

— decoding and creation of topographic maps and plans based on orthophotomaps.

Unique solutions using ground, air and mobile laser scanning technology.

Laser scanning offers unique opportunities to improve quality and productivity in the survey area.

Mobile scanning technology is based on the integration of distance measurements to terrain objects using a high-speed laser rangefinder and navigation measurements required to determine the coordinates of the movement of the mobile scanner and the angles of its orientation in space.
Mobile scanning is accompanied by GNSS measurements on a network of ground base stations. Based on these measurements, differential corrections are introduced into the solution of the trajectory obtained from the data of the navigation system of the mobile scanner.

Laser scanning is the fastest and most efficient technology for obtaining high-precision three-dimensional models of various objects, in which each point has spatial coordinates.

Main areas of use:

— engineering survey;

— creation of three-dimensional models of infrastructure facilities;

— certification of roads and railways;

— creation of GIS for various purposes;

— shooting of facades;

— and etc.

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Topogeodetic equipment of our company is advanced and meets all modern norms and standards for carrying out geodetic works, and consists of:

— Mobile laser scanning system kit.
— 4 sets of high-precision GNSS receiver PrinCei80 Geofence CHC Kit with radio modem set;
— electronic tacheometers:
• LeicaTS 06 Plus 3;
• Trimble M 3 3 ”DR;
• Foif RTS 102 R5 JF1298;
• Locator Stalker 15-14.
— GPS Garmin Trex 20;
— communication facilities;
— vehicles, etc .;
— and all the necessary components and components for the above equipment.

LLC «PROF ART TECHNOLOGY» invites you to consider the possibility of cooperation in the implementation of topographic and geodetic surveys. Our team is always ready to promptly solve the assigned tasks.

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